Mighty Network Introduction

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Open Chat (Space)

We provide this space to allow anyone to post their thoughts and ideas. For the best ideas we form a discussion space.

Discussions (Collection)

Discussions always take place in a dedicated space with the following features.

We use the Focused Discussions tab for our deep and focused discussions. To keep the discussions orderly we ask that you open the discussion thread and add your thoughts below it.

For new thoughts use the "What's on your mind box". Using this you can expand it to an article for long form writing.

To progress an item through the Strategic Doing methodology, we use these Tags.

  • WhatCouldWeDo

  • WhatShouldWeDo

  • WhatWillWeDo

Multiple tags can be used.

Impact Groups (Collection)

When a discussion progresses to a Will Do and an impact group has been identified, then the discussion space is moved to the Impact Groups collection and the privacy is set to secret (so only members can see the discussion) and members of the group are invited.