A bit about us…We are a contrarian initiative

We prefer small groups to large gatherings, we celebrate and promote failure equal to success, we want more participatory activities than large events, we encourage more thoughtful writing to posting snippets of text, we seek single digit donations not six digit budgets, we endeavor to dissolve problems instead of perpetuating them, we strive to control ourselves rather than control others, we enjoy quiet times for reflection more than listening to self-serving noise.

Who is organizing this?

The idea for creating A Doing Community emerged in the Pensacola entrepreneurial community whose members contributed ideas, and valuable critique. These ideas have been assembled and shaped into the present form by David Musselwhite, the Community Manager of Pensacola Socialdesk.

Other than establishing the {framing question - discussion - impact group - learn} process A Doing Community does not impose any other organizational constraints instead it relies on discussions and impact groups to self-organize.

A business named ADCServes, LLC has been established to provide support services to A Doing Community and the impact groups that are formed from the community discussions.