What is your over-arching vision?

The following is our over-arching vision that we are working to achieve and maintain for the greater Pensacola area.

A prosperous economy

Prosperity is far more than wealth; it is when all people have the opportunity and freedom to thrive. It is driven by an open economy that harnesses ideas and talent to create sustainable pathways out of poverty.. It is underpinned by a community that protects the fundamental liberties of every individual.

A thriving society

For us a thriving society means promoting a good and happy life for everyone in the Escambia County area. We promote this through the Discover Pensacola activities and other projects.

A healthy environment

There are many ways to define a healthy environment. It includes clean air to breathe, clean and ample water, a variety of nutritious food, green spaces around us, sufficient sanitation and litter-free surroundings. It is an environment free of pollution and toxins and one that reduces man-made hazards and preserves or recreates wild spaces and increases biodiversity.